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Here are some simple as possible tutorials and samples to get you going. I will add more as I figure stuff out.




Getting Started

Creating a Project - an alternate way to create a project without adding a 'project' to the libOpenMetaverse solution.

Event Handlers - generic advice on how to make your bot respond to stuff in SL.


Accepting Inventory - letting people give stuff to your bot.


Accepting TPs - Mr. Robot: Come hither.

Easy Bot Sit Command - Sit, Boy!

Stopping Animations after standing

WhereInTheHellIs An accurate way to find another avatar (on the same sim)

Instant Messages and Chatting

Ignore Group and Conference Chats this shows how to not only ignore a group chat or conference chat but also how to immediately drop out of the chat session

Drop Group Notices Hmmm, 45 days ago there was a "best in lingerie" contest... Do you ever log into your bot's account in a regular viewer and get 67,522 of those pop-up notices? Here's 2 ways to combat that.

Processing Incoming Chat Various messages your bot might receive. How to parse and react (or ignore) them.


Listing All Outfits

quick little snippets

Threadsafe Screen Updates - This is my 'say' routine, where I can pass in a textbox, and text, and it will add the new text to the textbox.

Iterating through InternalDictionary types

Gridclient.Self.Chat - making your avatar say something in open chat.

KeyToName_and_NameToKey Who the heck is 8f2d3fde-3d97-4415-a925-c0125b7e7a8a?

Articles I'd like to see...

Wearing a saved outfit

Successfully forcing a Rebake

Accepting Friend Requests

Accepting Group Invites

Modifying a Shape

Saving a body part to inventory

Giving an inventory item to a rezzed object

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