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NOTE: Snowcrash currently does not work with the latest version of Second Life and is no longer available. SLProxy is the recommended successor.

Snowcrash allows you to view the packet data sent and received by Linden Lab's Second Life client. To do this, extract and open the snowcrash.exe file. It should open up an empty console window and insert a snowflake icon in the taskbar. Then open the Second Life client. Another console window should open up, behind the Second Life window, if all is well, its first line will read:


The SecondLife client runs much more slowly in this mode, but will print incredible amounts of debug information to this console. Every packet that is sent or received is printed.

Example output:

----- EnableSimulator -----
Port: 13004
Handle: 1081919441978112
INFO: LLCircuit::addCircuitData for
INFO: Adding new region (984:963)
INFO: Host:
INFO: simulator_enable() Enabling with code 7797342
Sending 44 bytes
Flags: 64
----- UseCircuitCode -----
ID: 2d259de28cba46d59598e5ef32556985
SessionID: cfb2b76e76d146eba4fd72c3244fc851
Code: 7797342
Sending 13 bytes
Flags: 0
----- PacketAck -----
ID: 56
Receiving 14 bytes
Flags: 0
----- CoarseLocationUpdate -----
X: 230
Y: 231
Z: 6
You: 0
Prey: -1
Receiving 153 bytes
Flags: 0