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The following prerequisites are required in order for you to create your first bot by following this tutorial.

Real World

  • This tutorial assumes that you were able to successfully build libsecondlife! If you have not compiled libsl, please follow the instructions on the Getting Started wikipage.
  • Also, if you have no experience with the C# (c-sharp) programming language, I highly recommend that you stop now and please follow the list of links to csharp tutorials located here.

The Code

Note: We are assuming that our main "GridClient" instance variable is named "Client." If you have a different name for this variable, please substitute the name accordingly

Client.Self.ChatFromSimulator += new EventHandler<ChatEventArgs>(Self_ChatFromSimulator);
static void Self_ChatFromSimulator(object sender, ChatEventArgs e) 
        //process chat here! exaple:
        client.Self.Chat(e.Message, 0, ChatType.Normal);

Parameters for ChatEventArgs:

  • Message (string) What was said
  • AudibleLevel (ChatAudibleLevel) Ranging from Barely, Fully, and Not.
  • Type (ChatType) How it was said (see this page on monodoc for the list of ChatTypes)
  • SourceType (ChatSourceType) What kind of thing said it (System, Object, or Avatar)
  • FromName (string) Whats the name of the person/object that said it
  • SourceID (UUID) Whats the key of the person/object that said it
  • OwnerID (UUID) If it was an object, who owns it?
  • Position (Vector3) Where is the person/object that said it
  • Simulator (Simulator) What simulator it came from


  • ChatType.Normal = Saying (20m range).. Do NOT use ChatType.Say, it is an obsolete version and will likely be removed in the near future.
  • Try to check to see if the chattype is not "StartTyping" or "StoppTyping" before you process the text.. otherwise you get blank messages