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IronPython Tinkering Page!

While underrepresented in botmaking at current. IronPython is an excellent way to play with libomv interactively, and with nothing more than the IronPython installer, and a text editor that supports Python syntax highlighting (or just notepad if you don't care about that stuff), no compilation needed!

The goal of this page is to make it easier for curious programmers or novices to get to grips with the libomv library using IronPython, especially if their only prior programming experience was CPython (the main python). There are a few gotchas and ways of doing things differently that may catch you off guard when working on your bot, so let's collaborate together and try to pave the road.



  • Simple Login A dead easy login for anyone who knows how to run an install, navigate the command line, unzip files, and copy and paste code!
  • Simple Login Part Deux: Next up. Covering callbacks and predicates!

Cookbook / Snippets


  • Import Notes Important pitfalls to avoid when dealing with import of the libomv libraries into IronPython
  • Naked Bot The curious case of a bot who can wear prims but can't bake her clothes!

Misc. Libomv Notes

  • The first time the bot rezzes into a sim, it recieves a full ObjectUpdate event, subsequent updates (avatar movements), are done under TerseObjectUpdate


If your bot shows up but clothes are missing

You MUST copy Libomv's openmetaverse_data directory into your local python install if you want your bot to rez clothes correctly. It seems to be an issue with using an interpreter when the library expects to be working in an exe. Either way, copy th efolder to your ironpython directory and clothes will show up fine :)

See this issue for up to date details:

Wish List

  • How to log a bot back in after it loses connection or crashes for some reason.