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Hawk's Tutorials

On this page, you can find my tutorials that rezzed (could have said "spawned", but went for it anyway) from my experiences in using the OpenMetaverse library, especially in terms of developing GUI-based applications that interface with Second Life.

Let's jump straight into the C# stuff!

Interfacing with the User

Keeping the UI responsive - How to keep the user-interface of your GUI responsive during long or complex operations (like login operations).

Accept or Decline: Either is Fine with Me

Accepting Group Invites - How to accept group invites

Accepting Friend Requests - How to accept friend requests

All About Friends

Events or Properties? - should you subscribe to events or consume properties when dealing with the Friends List?


Delegates and Callbacks - What's that "delegate" keyword and how do you use callbacks?

What's in a Name?

Estate Management - How to manage your land with your bot.

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