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The following prerequisites are required in order for you to create your first bot by following this tutorial.

Real World

  • This tutorial assumes that you were able to successfully build libsecondlife! If you have not compiled libsl, please follow the instructions on the Getting Started wikipage.
  • Also, if you have no experience with the C# (c-sharp) programming language, I highly recommend that you stop now and please follow the list of links to csharp tutorials located here.

The Code

Note: We are assuming that our main "SecondLife" variable is named "client." If you have a different name for this variable, please substitute the name accordingly CSHARP CODE:


VB.NET Code provided by deatos this is building off the example vbbot



  • There are some problems popping up when you logout.. the most common being that if you log in and then log out within a couple of seconds, your bot may actually stay logged in. You will have to wait for the bot to time out in world before you can log in again, this may take up to 15 minutes or so.. A decent workaround is to sleep for about 5 seconds before you execute the Logout() command.