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Developer Portal

libOpenMetaverse and the associated applications can be used for any programmatic control of virtual worlds based on the Second Life protocol. The library itself contains a GridClient class for creating automatons or clients that connect to a virtual world simulator, TestClient provides examples for many of the common operations a bot may want to do, WinGridProxy provides a proxy to capture and decode data flowing between a client and simulator, Simian shows an example simulator implementation, and several graphical applications exist that show scene rendering examples.

How do I?

The following section gives links to various tutorials regarding the use of libopenmv

The Basics

How do I...

Use libopenmv to login to the SL Grid?
How to create a basic libompenmv bot?
How to create a basic libopenmv bot for osgrid?
Have my bot log out of SL?
Login to a specified location?
Connect to a different grid?
Set up custom logging?
Set my avatars draw distance?


How do I make my bot...

Send an instant message?
Say something inworld (chat)?
Say something in world, and type?
Respond to instant messages?
Respond to inworld chat?


How do I make my bot...
Follow an avatar?
Focus on something inworld?
Teleport to another location?
Move relative to its own position?
Make my bot sit on a prim?
Make my bot Walk and Run?


My bot's appearance is Ruthed! How do I fix it? See Avatar Appearance

How do I make my bot...

Load and use a complete appearance from inventory?
Load and use attachments from inventory?
List Inventory?


How do I get notification of...

SecondLife.Network Events


How do I search for...

Land using DirectoryManager.StartLandSearch?
Avatar's name or key, KeyToName and NameToKey?


Rez a prim at a specific point relative to your current position and rotation

Use IronPython with libomv?

Check out the small but growing page on IronPython here!


The following topics contain answers to common questions, think of it as the FAQ.
If you need help with an example program, such as TestClient, please go to the ApplicationFAQ wikipage.

Sugar's Tutorials and Examples

N00b much? So am I. But as I figure this out I plan to document all the little tasks that plagued me along the way. Sugars Tutorials

Hawk's Tutorials

C# has a learning curve, but it's overcome with practice. Find my ways around certain oddities or quirks here! Hawk's Tutorials