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This page is to allow contributors to the libopenmetaverse project(code, documentation, etc) to add their name, contact details, and a short blurb about what they're working on if they so desire. Anything over a few lines please put on your user page.


I'm project lead and main organizer of the libopenmetaverse project. I also head up the Open Metaverse Foundation

Contact me at:


I like to think of myself as contributing where I can (it is open source after all).


I'm one of the main developers of libomv. I write software using libomv for contract development and economic research, and am usually always around. You can contact me at

Jesse Malthus

What do I actually do? :D I provide support in #libsl and in-world, as well as contributing some code and testing mono-related things.


I mostly do voodoo magic with Appearance, Assets, Images and Inventory aspects of libopenmetaverse. I'm also working on a companion library called Feathertail. You can contact me at

Dirty McLean

My role consists mainly of finding bugs and then nagging jhurliman or mcortez to fix them. In my spare time, I work on my scriptable console client, GhettoSL. You can find me on EFNet as root66.

Lone Coder

I built the current architecture of the TestClient. I also run a little AI project at and a little site at

Alpha Zaius

I contributed the modification of GridProxy to fit with the pregen architecture. You can find me on IRC sometimes as "Qode" Although I'm not that active now, I should become much more active during summer break.


I'm an active core libopenmetaverse developer. I write software using libomv for land management ( and Data collection among other things. You can contact me at, jradford in #libomv-dev on IRC, or Yohan Pintens in Second Life or at


Helped reverse engineer parts of the network protocol before the official SL client source was released. Still around and occasionally do stuff with libopenmetaverse in my spare time.


I am interested in advancing the human condition through the use of libopenmetaverse pixie sticks. Although I can't write code I am very good at getting User:axial to do my work for me. In my spare time I like to read rss datafeeds. You can find me on EFnet #libomv-dev irc channel

Latif Khalifa

Implemented the avatar texture baker, asset cache and touched various other parts of the library. Main maintainer since libomv 0.8. Creator of Radegast. Can be contacted as lkalif in #libomv-dev on IRC (efnet), or Latif Khalifa in Second Life or