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NOTICE! Read Before Posting:

This page is for code bounties to be contributed back to the libsecondlife project under an open source BSD license only. Bounties allow for multiple parties to contribute to a cumulative total and help to promote further development of open source tools.

For any commercial or closed source applications please seek out a developer privately for consultant work. If you are looking to hire a contract programmer for libsecondlife work, you can post your job requirements on our Consultancy page.


  • Alpha Mask Issue.

A fix for an alpha mask/channel to be added successfully with the AddToOutfit(Inventory item) function, (or any other function that would allow me to apply it). Currently the function works for other clothing items, such as pants and shirt, but it shows artifacts when I try to apply it with an alpha mask covering all body parts (to make the avatar bot appear invisible).

Bounty of '$50 USD'. email himeee at gmail dot com for more clarification, details, or any other questions. --jmendez 10:10, 16 July 2014 (PST)

  • A GUI tool which displays which...
    • ... shows all objects in the close area (should be able to setup via GUI)
    • ... show all prim childs of the object if you look at it
    • ... show textures on it
    • ... allowing the user to backup certain objects and also the posibility to place import them again if necessary
    • ... allowing download of textures (also from avatars, like clothing and skins)

Bounty of $150 when finished and working as described. Contact me at midgar (at) --Elwyn 19:31, 17 March 2010 (UTC)

  • A method to find all uses of a texture UUID within the current region. This needs to be pretty reliable -- sometimes we want to replace a texture with a lower resolution version, but if we miss even one use of it on some hidden face, the client has to download it anyway. Your program can be command-line based, linux or windows, and should at a minimum output:
    • prim name
    • whether it's a root or child prim (just link number is fine)
    • prim location as a secondlife:// URL
    • prim size
    • which faces the texture occurs on

-- $5000L (negotiable, contact BEFORE starting work) LexNeva 22:57, 21 March 2008 (PDT)

  • bounty has been accepted and is pending completion

[note: this was a previous bounty, but the program crashes and the maker is no longer available]

Set RegAPI Gender for new avatars:

Code to autorespond to the 'Male' 'Female' dialog presented to avatars created with the SL registration API

Details on this page:

L$6000 for successful completion

Added By FWord Utorid

  • Fixing OpenJPEG.NET errors in export, exportoutfit, dumpoutfit -- 'L$ 5,000'

--Elwyn 12:54, 18 February 2008 (PST) (Elwyn Nightfire)

Control ALT From VB.2005 - Name your price Application would control bot for such tasks as banning and group invites. contact bonus for ontime and good structure of code.

  • Dressing Avatar by inventory folder -- $10K Linden
  • Dressing Avatar by clothing in the Library -- 5K Linen
    • Both methods should take a folder or in the case of the library one just the name of the clothing set.
    • Should include setting skins, shape etc same as if you drop the folder on the avatar in game.
    • Contact or seer xingjian in SL
    • Additional $10K Linden offered by Frank Northmead in SL

  • Documentation! -- $10 USD per class
    • Full documentation as to meaning and use of all publicly accessible elements within a class. This includes all objects and methods. Must be done using monodoc compatible markup.
    • Contributions will be compared to existing documentation at time of submission. Please coordinate with me to ensure that your contribution provides the needed value. Payment in Lindens for single classes, your choice for anything over.
    • contact : User:otakup0pe

  • Set absolute terrain height for a given x,y -- L$ 15,000 from Kell Ventura (SL name)
    • I'd like to see something like "llSetHeight()" where for a given (x,y), the absolute terrain height in meters is set for that one grid point, leaving adjacent grid points untouched. In essence, it would change the value of the array item associated with the (x,y) grid point in Channel 1 of the Terrain RAW file. Unfortunately, the terraforming function "llModifyLand()" is a sledgehammer of sorts, and does not allow precise setting of the absolute height in meters for a single grid-point. Why do I think this is a valuable function? I own a quarter sim parcel on a private sim, with full in-world terraforming permission, but I don't have access to the Terrain RAW file. With this function I'd be able to design the terrain of my parcel externally (such as in Photoshop) and from that create an "in-world" script calling this function to terraform my parcel exactly, point-by-point (looking at it another way, it is a way to edit Channel 1 of the Terrain RAW file "in-world".) In addition, the script itself will also become a sort of backup, since I've learned the hard way that many Terrain RAW files are not properly "baked" by the sim owner. Obviously there are permission issues, and what to do with objects, etc., but I know the wizards here will be able to sort through these things to create this function. If you wish to communicate with me, best send an IM in SL to "Kell Ventura". Thanks!
    • The client side method of manipulating land works a lot like llModifyLand(), it is a beast of a sledgehammer for terraforming. Unless someone figures out a clever way to turn that sledgehammer in to a chisel I don't know if this would be very easy to accomplish. --Jhurliman 14:19, 15 July 2007 (PDT)

  • Euler based Camera and Avatar position and orientation control methods.
    • Since most programmers don't understand Quaternion or Matrix math libsl really needs a simpler (albeit mathemeticaly flawed via Gimbal Lock and quadrant flipping) method of Euler 3d math.
  • methods needed for both Bot and Camera. Prefix each method name with Camera for cam controls, without performs on avie. Thyey should accept all angles as Degrees NOT radians.(radians are just as evil as quats! ;) )
    • SetPosition(llvector3 position); // Camera: CoordinateFrame.Origin = blah; --Jhurliman 16:59, 1 September 2007 (PDT)
    • SetOrientation(llvector3 orientation); // CoordinateFrame.ResetAxes(); then CoordinateFrame.Roll()/Pitch()/Yaw(); --Jhurliman 16:59, 1 September 2007 (PDT)
    • SetPosOrient(llvector3 Position, llvector3 orientation); // See above --Jhurliman 16:59, 1 September 2007 (PDT)
    • OrientAt(llvector3 Position); Rotates the cam/avie to look at these coordinates // Camera: CoordinateFrame.LookAt(target); --Jhurliman 16:59, 1 September 2007 (PDT)
    • GotoOrientAt(llvector3 Position, llvector3 PositionToLookAt); combination of move and look at object in one call so we dont' have to wait for position to get ackd from sim before orienting.
  • Bounty: L$2,500 per method. 10 methods total for L$25,000
  • Ahzzmandius Werribee (Ahzzmandius|brianw|Ahzz on irc)
  • extra: llvector3 EulerOrientation(); returns the curent orientation in euler 3d degrees. L$1,000


Selling Land is not implemented in libopenmv (buying, reclaiming, releasing is already there) -- L$20,000 by Suzanna Vella (SL name, so you can contact me in-game, please)

Thats the only missing feature related to parcel management, I think. Thanks.

The ability to sell land exists in the library already - you set the proper parcel flags then use Update() to apply it to a parcel See the documentation at http://www.libsecondlife/docs/trunk/ for a complete reference -- User:jradford

Okay, figured it out. Quite well-hidden though, as one would expect to find that in the ParcelManager class as a method like Buy(), Release() etc. ;-)

Thanks! --Suzanna Vella 14:24, 10 January 2009 (UTC)

  • Inventory Script (and notecard?) Backup -- L$10000 from Lex Neva (negotiable)
  • I've lost a couple of pretty important assets lately to the dreaded "___ Missing from Database" error. Notably is a script I've spent AGES tinkering on. The script still functions, so the compiled bytecode asset is still intact, but when I try to open it to view the LSL code, I get "Script Missing From Database." The reaction I got from LL support makes me think that I'm never going to see this script again. I've written so many scripts that I can't possibly hope to back them all up locally without a program to do it automatically. For this bounty, your program should:
    • Filter through my entire inventory, backing up every script's LSL code to files on my hard disk. Preferably preserve my inventory's heirarchy in some manner, ie through filesystem folders. Only scripts I have permissions for should be backed up, of course.
    • Compile and run on Linux or Windows at least.
    • Optionally back up notecards.
    • Optionally notify me if any scripts are "Missing from database", and give me a UUID.
    • Optionally also back up scripts/notecards in a selected object or link set rezzed in-world.
  • Contact: Lex Neva in SL. Let me know you're doing this before you start... first working solution gets the bounty. Bounty value negotiable.
    • A bounty claim is pending.
      • This code has been committed to SVN as a TestClient command, can we close this bounty? --Jhurliman 16:59, 1 September 2007 (PDT)
        • Sure, I'll go ahead and close it. I'd like to see a standalone executable or at least instructions for any random SL user to use this, but I'll talk to the bounty claimant.
        • I see a TestClient command to upload a single .lsl script from disk into SL, but I don't see the reciprocal function for downloads, and I don't see anything for doing your whole inventory or a whole folder at once instead of one script at a time. Am I missing something? What are the commands?--Nandanasingh 08:54, 12 June 2009 (UTC)

  • Any Avatar online status -- $5K Linden
    • Modify the basic log bot in/out script to include finding the online status of an avatar(Assume known name or uuid).
    • Should use the Avatar() constructor, with field "Online" ( bool Online status).
    • contact:, breen whitman in SL

  • OpenSim Compatible XML support -- $75 USD courtesy of Pleiades Consulting
    • Note - I think I've fixed this now; logging in to OpenSim seems to work. - Makomk 02:35, 16 July 2007 (PDT)
  • OSX Mono App Installer -- $40 USD from jhurliman (axial, did I ever send you money for this? If not please let me know!)
  • Full Group Read / Write Support -- 100 USD
  • Clean up inventory system. I want to specify an object with just a string formatted like "folder/folder/objectname", get back an LLUUID or some kind of handle to the item and then be able to rez it using just the simulator and x/y/z coords. In the case of multiple objects or folders with the same name use your imagination, but an arbitrary choice is fine.
    • Jesse Malthus 75 USD
  • Document purpose of every bit in Parcel.ParcelFlags -- $25 - contact:
  • I want to get the equivalent of llGround() at arbitrary (x, y) coordinates in the CurrentSim with a simple single function. -- $50 - contact:
  • Drop in plugin system for SLProxy-pregen. (loadable dll or something...) Discuss at Talk:SLProxy -- $75
    • libsecondlife $75
  • RSS feed scraper for I want a PHP script that uses libcurl and can log in to the SL forums and grab this page and republish it. -- $15
  • SLProxy program (or Analyst.exe command) that helps me find all uses of a texture UUID within a sim (or within view). More Info - Jesse Malthus working, hope to test today or tomorrow
    • LexNeva $2800L (approx. 10 USD... negotiable, IM me)
  • Bring SLProxy up to date with the trunk(pregen) --- $100 USD - Qode gets a cookie. OMG! cookie!
    • mcortez $25
    • libsecondlife $75
  • Fix bug #9663 Resent packet flood and multiple callbacks after a few hours --- $75 USD
    • otakup0pe $50